About IFM

IFM was established in 1982, by Mr. Sanjay Yadav and Mr. Kamal Yadav. The company has made its mark by consistently delivering reliable quality catering services to the needs of the large consumer base in India. Today we have a turnover of over 36 crore, serving around 25000 meals per day at over 16 locations in India. We have been able to transform the mundane act of daily cooking to a culinary art for organisations.

Our Manpower: We have around 350 trained employees in 4 different states that comprises of experienced chefs, dieticians, cooks and qualified technical people devoted to high standards of integrity and personal responsibility, respect for mankind, an appetite for hard work and a strong understanding of the tastes and needs of the highly diverse groups of people that we cater to.

Our Infrastructure: With the best of infrastructure state-of-the-art kitchens, a well-established network of centres in the NCR Delhi, a proof of high calibre food specialists, latest kitchen equipments, regular checkups of the quality of food, high personal hygiene standards, multi-cultural communication competencies, the services of Industrial Food Management can compete with the world's best.

Our Inspiration

To be in demand, your skills will have to be flawless, your command over the culinary art thorough, and your training world-class. This is precisely why the immense knowledge and international exposure of Mr. Kamal Yadav and Mr. Sanjay Yadav, the dynamic heads behind the organisation, has made a difference.

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